The Toyota 4Runner 2023 is not like other mid-size SUVs and crossovers that line across the streets & fill suburban driveways. The reason is 4Runner is old-school truck compared to the new-age vehicle: this car has the pickup-truck frame & boasts legitimate chops.

In the most capable forms, the vehicle has underbody armor, automatic locking rear axle, knobby tires and upgraded suspension components. The 4Runner is the best SUVs that you can buy and it is well built, has an amazing interior and drives really well.

Great design

The Toyota 4Runner has good design. Though it isn’t very stylish SUV out there, but it looks good. The looks are well proportioned and distinctive, so you will tell what type of vehicle it’s by looking at it. Front end has the strong chin & broad grille that provides it the aggressive appearance and sleek enough that fits in with other cars on the road.

The back looks sharp with the high rear window line & large tail lights, which add nice flair to the profile and ensuring everybody knows such thing belongs with them instead of someone else!

Toyota 4Runner

Amazing interior

The interior is nicely laid out & comfortable to sit for hours. Its seats are heated and ventilated that makes them feel better after the long drive. Its power train is well laid out and powerful, with good acceleration & fuel economy.

Though heated seats have their own controls, thus you can adjust it as per your preference. Ventilated seats have got vents on both the sides, which allow the air to flow over them. Hence they stay cool even while it is hot outside. Both kinds of seats have ISOFIX points to install child car seats. It means if you have kids who require car seats; this is a perfect model that will accommodate them without any difficulty and extra expense!

Great acceleration & fuel economy

The engine of this vehicle is perfectly laid out and powerful, with good acceleration & fuel economy. Its 4.0-liter V6 creates 270 horsepower & 270 lb-ft torque. It is mated to 6-speed automatic transmission, which is smooth, simple to use as well as responsive in all the situations.