Whether you’re moving across the US or around town, there are many factors to consider when choosing a company to help you move. One of the biggest questions is whether you should hire a full-service moving company and pay for everything or do it yourself and save money on labor. If you’re interested in eliminating some of the stress of planning a move, either option may work for your situation, depending on what products and services you want from your mover. But which one makes more sense?


This article will discuss the pros and cons of both options and how they can impact your bottom line.


Full-Service Moving Companies


Full-service moving companies are among the most popular option for people planning a move regardless of distance. Whether your move is local or across the country, likely, you’ll at least look into this option. Full-service moving companies can provide many products and services your moving company will use during your move, like boxes and packing paper, as well as assistance with packing, lifting, and loading. This can save you time and make de-cluttering a breeze. And since packers are usually better at this than the average person, they’re able to pack more efficiently so that you’ll have less to do when you get to your destination. Go to https://www.newviewmoving.com/ and get all the moving services. 


The main drawback of using a full-service moving company is that they usually have a much higher price tag than you’d pay if you hired a local moving company. This price difference can be significant, with some estimates running up to $150 per hour. The extra money pays for the expertise of the packers at these companies, so there’s no need to worry about them being too cheap for what you’re paying for. However, trying to save a few hundred dollars on your move might not seem worth the loss in quality when it comes to packing and loading your belongings.

Trusted Moving Services




Packs more efficiently than DIY moves; may help de-clutter by ensuring things are packed well.


Packs all your possessions, so you don’t have to purchase items you don’t need.


Assistance from experienced packers to optimize packing time.


HDTVs, monitors, and other fragile items are not broken during the move.




Pricing can be more expensive than DIY moves; the cost is usually higher per hour of labor than in the DIY route. However, this depends on the length of service and other factors that vary from company to company. Since prices are so high, there needs to be more room for negotiating, which might impact the quality of service and speed of delivery. Some companies may charge extra for packing supplies.