In the world of home builders, there are three types of builders that you can choose from – spec builders, production builders, and custom builders. Prices, lead times, and customization tend to correlate with each type of experience. Nevertheless, be aware that these three categories don’t always converge. Some builders have offerings that overlap with one another in

1 – Spec Builders

A speculative builder usually develops several homes or an entire neighborhood at a time. They clear the land, start constructing homes and sell them as they are completed or as they are under construction. A builder of this type does not usually offer you a choice of the floor plan to match the lot, nor does the builder usually give you much say in interior design. You have to choose from what the builder has to offer

The Houston area does not have many spec builders, which is not to say there aren’t any. Although there aren’t many new construction builders in Houston, you can still find move-in-ready new construction. At any given time, production builders typically have several finished or nearly completed homes for sale.

2 – Production Builders

Building a production home is also known as a tract home. Building a production home requires a contract in order to begin construction. This is a difference between spec builders and production builders, who typically develop entire sections of a neighborhood at one time. Unlike spec builders, where buyers choose from a set of designs, buyers have the choice of choosing a lot, floor plan, and interior and exterior options. They can customize much more than spec builders can.

3 – Custom Builders

In addition to custom builders, there are other types of home builders as well. Custom builders tend to be the most expensive type and require the most involvement from buyers. From the layout to the traffic flow to the interior design choices, buyers need to pay close attention to every detail to get the most out of the experience.