Are you tired of your current home being too small, too big, too expensive or difficult to manage? Then you will probably want to sell your current property to buy one more suited to your needs.

Nowadays, selling a property is not a very easy operation since simply finding a buyer is not enough: the steps to be taken are numerous and take time and sacrifices, for this reason it is important to carefully choose the method by which to sell your home , taking into account the advantages and disadvantages that it may or may not bring

Basically, there are two ways to sell a house: the first is “do it yourself” (selling a house yourself without the help of an agency, as we have already seen for the case of renting without intermediaries ), the second is by contacting a real estate agency.

The sale of a property privately can be an excellent solution for those who do not intend to rely on an agency, both because it often has exaggeratedly high costs and because they want to immerse themselves independently in the real estate world, sure of having the skills to do it. However, this operation has its pros and cons.

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On the one hand, it can prove to be an advantageous solution for what concerns the promotion of one’s property: the latter can easily take place on internet sites and platforms, without necessarily having to count on the help of an agency. In many cases, indeed, the promotion of a private property manages to reach many more buyers than the real estate agents themselves can offer. And then, of course, we won’t have to give them any percentage.

However, it is not all rosy: the disadvantages of do-it-yourself sales are numerous and in fact it is not always a recommendable decision. One of them, for example, is having to personally take care of all the bureaucratic issues, which often also require quite long timescales. Furthermore, you could be less protected in the sale than when you rely on capable intermediaries. Or still worrying about visits to the property and the times of the latter, a rather inconvenient matter that is generally better to entrust to professionals in the sector.