You tell them that you want to live there and would do anything it takes to make it happen. You also tell them that you know how to sell your home and are very experienced in the industry. This is important because most people don’t realize how much work goes into selling their homes. You speak from your experience so that they will see you as a legitimate professional. You make it clear that you understand their needs and goals, and you’re offering to act on their behalf.


By doing all of the above, you show them exactly why they should buy your home. If done correctly and done within the initial thirty days of listing your home for sale, you can be much quicker than everyone else in getting a buyer to purchase your home. Get a buyer from

People will always compare themselves to someone better than them at something. If they don’t buy the house that they see on the market today compared to what someone else is selling theirs for or, better yet, how fast it is being sold by someone else, you have just gained an instant advantage over them. They may not realize it at first when it comes to competitive price and speed of closing, but this will become evident later on in their decision-making process. They may also be influenced by other people’s thoughts about your marketing efforts and their observations about what other homes are selling nearby versus yours. Once again, this makes yours look more desirable than most could imagine when looked at next door in comparison.