When it comes to selling a house, is it better for it to be occupied or empty? A question that owners of houses and apartments for sale often ask me because there is a big difference between selling an occupied or vacant house.Therefore this article is dedicated to the owners of houses, apartments and real estate properties that want to put up for sale.

When you have to decide whether to sell a vacant or owner-occupied or tenant-occupied home, the only question you should ask yourself is: which is the most advantageous choice? Selling a house is never easy so if we can do something to make this moment less stressful, why not?

I bet you’re already thinking: selling a vacant house, i.e. empty and without furniture, is certainly easier than selling a house occupied by furniture and a thousand personal items https://www.atticushomebuyers.com/we-buy-houses-brookfield/

Here’s the surprise: An occupied home is often easier to sell than an empty home, unless the occupant makes it excessively difficult or complicated.

Selling an empty house versus an occupied one has some pros and cons that I want to tell you about. As a real estate consultant who has been selling properties for over ten years and with the experience gained in the real estate sector also as an Associate and Director of the FIMAA of Ravenna, the Italian Federation of Business Agent Mediators, I can say that in reality it doesn’t make much difference in both cases, i.e. whether the house or apartment is vacant or occupied.

As often happens, even in the sale of real estate there can be advantages and disadvantages in both cases. Some of the most common reasons for a house to be empty of people and furnishings , i.e. empty, are as follows:

The house was a rental property and the owner decides to sell it

The owner has to change city for work reasons

The seller has bought another house and wants to move before selling

The house is newly built

The house was inherited and the heirs decided to put it up for sale after having freed it from the furnishings.