CBD is growing more and more popular, therefore it’s critical for businesses to comprehend why their clients use it and how it impacts their life. To find out more about their experiences with cbd öle erfahrungen , we recently distributed a survey to more than 420 consumers. Despite the tiny sample size, the findings have provided us with invaluable insight into the wants, worries, and experiences of our customers. We will then be able to better comprehend, educate, and service our consumers as a result of this information.

The primary worries of the 5% of people who do not use CBD are about possible drug interactions and feeling exhausted after taking it. This group is somewhat sceptical of CBD’s efficacy and worried about possible intoxication, health problems, and memory loss.

Here, we’d want to make clear that CBD is absolutely safe to consume, so long as you stick to high-quality products with undetectable THC levels and don’t go above the FSA’s suggested maximum daily intake of 70mg. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that CBD has “usually excellent safety profile” in 2018.

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The worry about interactions with other drugs is justified because CBD may improve or lessen their efficacy. It is crucial to address any potential interactions with your doctor before consuming CBD if you are taking prescription medicine. Women who are pregnant or nursing shouldn’t ingest CBD because not enough research has been done on them.


Here is a list of the main conclusions we came to from this survey:

  • 95% of the clients have benefited from CBD.
  • Individuals who struggle with pain, poor sleep, stress, and inflammation have found it to be very beneficial.
  • Customers discover greater advantages as they continue to utilize CBD.
  • After four months of consistent use, customers should begin to see the full impacts of CBD.
  • Choosing the proper product and determining your ideal dosage are essential for maximizing CBD’s efficacy.’