These gummy substances often referred to as percutaneous, are an easy process to provide an amount of medicine, nutrients, or mineral to the skin. These work as adhesives, except when users put one on, the mixture of vitamins in the patchwork glue gets soaked into your body and then into your blood.

Despite being trendy, multivitamin PatchWorks are nothing fresh. Although the earliest applications were only used to alleviate motion sickness, not even to improve nourishment or address health issues, they have already been available since 1979. Information regarding the vitamin patches is available at


The remedies that are offered address a wide range of dietary and health requirements. There seem to be patches available that claim to relieve headaches, reduce acne, promote sound sleep, lessen anxiety, and sharpen focus. But there are also applications like the nutritional patch and vitamin B12 patches that contain unique minerals or vitamins you could be deficient in. Supplemental pills are better than multivitamin tattoos. One can discover patchwork that supplies a single nutrient or a mixture of countless distinctive nutrients, elements, and plants. The composition of any individual patch might vary greatly. Nutritional tattoos make a lot of claims, but it’s still unclear how much they can finally deliver. Putting a vitamin-infused patchwork, according to several patch manufacturers (and associated social media promotions), can treat illnesses and promote well-being. But often, such products fail to produce noticeable effects or advantages.

In contrast, other multivitamin tattoos merely seek to provide you with a multivitamin, minerals, or herb boost. These patches may just include melatonin, vitamin C, or B vitamins to give you a portion of the total of the nutrient you’re looking for.