Firstly, set a budget. Check with your bank about the amount of loan you may qualify for if you wish to apply for a home loan. Your current earnings, your current age, how many other loans you have outstanding, and most importantly, your credit history. The amount you need to pay for a down payment will determine whether or not you can qualify for a home loan. Banks typically finance 80-85% of the home value.

There is a limit of 30 years for the tenure of a home loan. Loan borrowers often face the dilemma of selecting the tenure that is suitable for them. Long-term loans typically have lower EMIs. However, as the loan’s duration lengthens, the loan’s interest rate increases. According to investment experts, home loan borrowers’ EMI should be less than 40 – 45% of their monthly income.

They strongly encourage buyers to keep a buffer if unforeseen expenses arise during the month. Before choosing a place, you should consider your daily commute. Places with multiple modes of transport are ideal. Find out what friends and family say about the area, find out about future planning, and see what infrastructure plans the Local Governing Body has sanctioned.

The two-bedroom flat of Neha Tripathi, a mother of two, was acquired by the teacher and mother of two recently on Ghodbunder Road. Our goal was to find a place that is well connected to all parts of Mumbai and has easy access to the metro rail. Thane had been on our list because of its central location. In the wake of the Government’s announcement of its plans to construct a metro railway line on the Ghodbunder Road, we made the final decision based on long-term prospects.

When you are presented with multiple housing options, choosing the right project can be difficult. A real estate buyer with experience recommends that novice home buyers choose a builder with a reputation for quality construction, timely delivery, financial stability, and trustworthiness.

They believe it is preferable to invest in projects with a wide range of amenities. A representative of Vijay Group and Suraksha Realty, a prominent Thane-based real estate joint venture, explained that there had been a surge in demand for Thane homes in the past few years.