Selling your old house to buy a new one is a challenging task. A buyer will visit your house to check its condition. You may feel like you are losing your privacy while you are living in the house and a buyer checks your entire house. But is a buyer will never check and ask you to repair the damaged parts in your house.

It’s hard to sell your house, where you were born and spend great time with your family. But when you decide to sell your house, just keep in mind the reason why you decided to sell your house.

Do I need to appoint an agent?

There is no need to hire an agent to sell your old house. If you appoint an agent, you need to give the agent a commission. So there is a loss in your total amount and the agent works as an intermediary between you and the buyer. They won’t buy your house; they’ll just bring buyers to it. If a buyer likes your house, then the house will be sold to the respective buyer. This process may take time, and the profit will be detected for the commission of the agent.  is a buyer who buys your house instantly. So you can save your time and money because the agent’s work is to refer a buyer for your house. So you need to wait for the buyer and you need to give a brokerage to the agents. Here, they are the buyer, so you do not need to give any commission to the agent.