SEO or search engine optimization is used for improving your website content, accessibility, reloading speed, visual that is whether the look of the website is dull or catchy, inbuilt links for external search, and access to an AI automated chat service to resolve the queries of the viewers. and its rank so that w The better and fast the visibility of your pages is the more your website is likely to get more attraction and visitors. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the SEO optimization process for your website without using any charges and understand the features of SEO.

Some features of SEO-

  • Link analysis and acquisition- links are the most important external way to help your website gain popularity through off-page SEO optimization by linking different external links to your page to provide extra information based on the same topic to your clients.
  • Keyword research- this means the SEO optimizer must know about the most searched keywords the internet surfers commonly use while searching for your page or website.

How your website can be optimized through SEO?

  • Do keyword research– this is a process where you find out the various words or phrases that are abundantly searched on any internet browser. Searching for those keywords all alone is impossible so install some well-known keyword search apps or tools to find them so you can implement those words and make websites revolving around them.
  • Create simple site navigation-this is a critical part when you are optimizing your website. As your website must be smooth when the readers or the viewers are opening it there should not be any hindrances like initialization, determining whether you are a robot or not, to open the website you go through various cookies or puzzles twice or thrice which need to be solved, etc.
  • Create landing pages- landing pages are used as shortcuts to know about the searched term in a gist rather than searching the specific parts in the detailed website content. These types of pages are used in social media.
  • Optimize for smooth mobile usage- mobile users are more in number all over the world. So you must optimize your website in such a way that it can be easily accessed here.

To conclude, the article refers to the process of optimizing your website for better service.